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EcoPure is an organic additive that drastically accelerates the biodegradation of plastic to less than 10 years.


EcoPure opens-up the molecular structure of plastic and plastic eating enzymes and microbes go to work.

Enzymes and microbes digest the plastic, excreting an organic bi-product that enriches the soil and marine environment. Biodegrading doesn’t start until in a landfill or marine environment.

Add EcoPure seamlessly into your existing plastic packaging.


  • Minor additional cost

  • No compatibility or tooling issues

  • No affect to shelf life 

  • Plastic maintains clarity and strength

  • Shrink rate of plastic is unchanged

  • All deco is unaffected

  • Reach/FDA Food Grade compliant 

  • Recyclable! 

  • Can be used in conjunction with PCR plastics

  • ISO 9001 and A2LA Certified

OXO-Degradable Additives
  • Degrades plastics when exposed to heat and/or light 

  • Causes molecules to break apart so weakening the plastic resulting in micro-plastics

  • Amount added varies and may need other additives

  • Often requires costly change to manufacturing and machinery

  • May affect clarity and performance of pack

  • Requires heat, sunlight or enhanced mechanical stress to degrade 

  • ISO 9001 and A2LA Certified

(Bio-Based Plastics)
  • Bio-plastics are made from renewable resources like cornstarch and sugarcane however with a worldwide food shortage these ingredients can be used for food instead

  • Creating bio-plastics requires huge amounts of energy that mainly come from fossil fuels leading to an increase in environmental pollution

  • More expensive than traditional Petro-chemical plastics

  • Negative effect on the recycling stream

  • Unstable shelf-life v. traditional plastics

  • ISO 9001 and A2LA Certified

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